Tijuana Christian Mission

The Tijuana Christian Mission serves God through serving the needy children of Mexico – children who come to them from broken homes or from no home at all, who have learned to make a life for themselves on the streets. Mission teams from the Cathedral have assisted with on-site maintenance and construction, as well as off-site construction of new homes for families in need.

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Mission to our Sister Church in Uzhgorod Ukraine

The Missions Team is building a long term relationship with the Uzhgorod Methodist Church in Uzhgorod Ukraine. As people are displaced by the war in western Ukraine and seek safety in the east, Uzhgorod Methodist takes in and cares for many refugees. This mission aims to build a continuing relationship with the Uzhgorod Methodist Church, provide financial assistance for the staff and for food for displaced people cared for by the church, and assist in the rebuilding the church. Team members meet monthly with the Uzhgorod pastoral staff via Zoom, raise financial support, manage prayer requests, and raise awareness of the conditions and needs in Uzhgorod.

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